Saturday, September 28, 2013

Doily Craze

I've been on a doily making spree for the last couple of weeks since I have had lots of free and a ton of nervous energy. At first I was just nervous about hearing back from my interview, then I was nervous that I got the job and I wasn't sure I would really do well with a retail job. But I'm not worried about that now because I have a job! And it is working in my favorite craft/fabric store. Anyway onto the doilies!
  Here's my collection of doily books and below is about 1/3 of collection of crochet thread some of which was inherited from my great grandmother.

Here are my recent doilies all laid out with my phone for size comparison. None of these have been blocked yet which is why some of them are curling up.
 This is my most recent doily that I just finished yesterday. Notice the tail thread that I still haven't woven in.
 This is one of my favorite doilies that I have ever made which is why I chose to place in a wooden panel that I stained myself and cover it with epoxy. The epoxy makes it super shiny and hard to photograph but I love having it hang on my wall.

This is round two for trying this method of displaying doilies and uses the panel that I stained back in August. No job=no money to buy the epoxy to finish this one or the other 14 doilies I currently have but I'm still proud of it.
And here they are on my inspiration wall to try and give you a size reference. The cards in the middle are two and a half inches by three and a half inches.
 Last night I painted my toenails for good luck on my first day of work which is tomorrow! Hoping everything goes well.
And a bonus photo of my cat snuggling my computer!

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